Group Readings/Psychic Parties

Offered In-Person if Barb is available for your area (email for inquiries),
by Skype or by Telephone.

Barb Powell puts on Psychic Medium Parties.  She will discuss your needs and arrange an event in your own home or otherwise (charities, office parties, etc) to fit your needs.

Thanks to ‘Karen’ from my Facebook Fan Page, I now offer Psychic Parties via Skype or via Telephone!

(1) Her most popular event is going into someone’s home and having a small room where a guest can go in and receive a private mini reading by Barb Powell.  Each guest can ask one question.

(2) Barb will chat with a small group about whatever topic you wish (spiritual, intuitive, Angels, etc) and give out small messages to whomever she feels pulled to.

(3) Another option is going into someone’s home and Barb giving mini readings to those in attendance.

(4) By Skype or Phone:  Set up your computer for Skype or your phone for the guests at your home to use.  Then one by one each of the guests can view video Skype or chat by phone with Barb for their reading.


  • For groups doing the mini reads and/or teaching.  $350 for full hour, minimum of 3 people, maximum 5 people/hr for mini reads.  Everyone get’s a mini read.

Please  email to request a preferred date/time.



Psychic Mediumship Readings

Psychic Mediumship Readings by Telephone or In-person

 Calendar Time is in Pacific Time Zone

Please use online calendar to book your appointment as it is quicker and convenient.  However, you may text: 306-263-3725

In Person available in the Fort St John, BC and Dawson Creek, BC area 

SERVICES (phone):  

Psychic Medium Reading  (day appointments)
60 Min Reading  $185
30 Min Reading $100
15 Min Reading $65

Please Note:  price variation on weekend/holidays when booking via the online calendar before confirming appointment time

**Last Minute Reading**
This appointment can be made within 24hrs and booked by emailing (please contact via email)

Please be sure your phone number accepts blocked numbers, otherwise Barb or the assistant won’t be able to phone.



Gift Certificates:

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Insight into past, present, and future.  Messages from deceased loved ones.

Psychic Detective / Profiler

Barb Powell is a Psychic Profiler.  She helps investigate crimes and/or missing people and/or animals by using psychic abilities.

To request immediate help please email by clicking here.

Barb Powell does and will work on missing person and/or crime cases. As a world renowned and respected psychic, Barb does not solicit her services to the above agencies or family members without first being invited to assist on the case.

Keep in mind that psychics do not solve crimes – the authorities do.  However, the psychic information that Barb receives – including images, impressions, contacting Spirit Guides and her direct connection with The Other Side – can possibly lead to clues, new information and may lead to solving the case and putting closure to the situation.

* Barb DOES NOT charge for this service, even when it involves her travel, however donations are not turned away but are never requested.

* Barb will only consider working on a case if asked directly by immediate family, police or detectives/private investigators.

* As a condition of accepting a case, Barb does & will request that her name not be released.  She does not discuss her work on cases with anyone, including media.

If you have a tip or can help provide valuable information about a missing person or unsolved crime, please take your information directly and immediately to the proper authorities so that they may follow up on your information and investigate your claim.  Do not email or call Barb with your information or impressions.  She does not work with anyone else.

Paranormal Investigator

Barb Powell is a Paranormal Investigator.   She uses her intuition and natural psychic skills in her investigations.

No Charge for this service, but needs to be accepted by Barb Powell.

Please call 1-888-581-0367 (toll free) or email by clicking here

She does area clearings if needed.

She has performed numerous investigations on UFO and unexplained phenomena such as animal mutilations and hauntings.

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