2017 Inspirational Monthly Package

Inspirational Messages sent directly to your email each month.

Every month you will receive a monthly audio message, by Barb, via email. These monthly audios can be downloaded to your computer or iTunes and saved, so you can build the entire library andbeinspired return to them again and again.

These spiritual inspiration messages, psychic messages, messages from guides, angels and loved ones is a powerful way to begin each month and set you on a course for abundance, gratitude, healing and positivity.

These are not generic messages and they are done that day just for you!

Make 2017 the best year ever! Join this powerful journey through 12 months together beginning in February and continue to next January, and watch how life begins to unfold each month more awesome then the one before. Listen as Barb helps navigate your way through many of life’s lessons and challenges you may be facing each month.

When you purchase this item, please enter the email address of the person you’d like us to email this gift to!
Yes, you can purchase more than one, but be sure to include all the email addresses for this item to be sent to.

The cost is $20 for the whole year! 





Group Psychic Medium Parties

Did you know that Barb Mather books for group psychic medium parties in the Fort St John, and Dawson Creek, BC area.

That means she will come into the home of someone to do mini readings in a group setting for up to 5 people.
She also will come to someone’s home to do booked readings and the host will get their reading for free.
Email the office for details!



Messages from Spirit – Saskatoon, SK

Barb Mather & Jodie Rollins

Psychic Mediums


Saskatoon, SK

for an

  “Evening of Spirit”

Rusty Macdonald Branch Library
March 30th, 2017

Receive messages from loved ones who have passed on and or from Spirit Guides into your past, present and future.
Barb and Jodie strive to get to as many members that they can get to during this event; however, keep in mind that those spirit people with the most dominant energy are the ones who will come through. While Barb and Jodie do their best to keep the readings equal lengths, some spirit people have more to say than others. Some readings may be 5 minutes, while others may be a bit longer.

During the first part of the event, Barb and Jodie will give a brief talk on mediumship connections and the spirit world.  Next, they will “open the window” to the other side and bring messages to a variety of people in attendance.  Although not everyone is guaranteed a reading, many have reported this as being very uplifting and beneficial.  An experience you won’t soon forget.  They will then answer general questions from selected members of the audience. 

INTIMATE: This is not a large theatre event with thousands of others in the audience. This is a small venue event that is much more intimate and personal.
VIP: Receive a gift bag filled with goodies, coupons, freebies, etc as well as a personal meet and greet.



A December to Remember 2016

This Christmas receive a Special Delivery From Spirit, or purchase this as a gift for a friend or family member!

** limited amount to be purchased

  • A Handwritten Psychic or Mediumship Message From Barb Mather$25
  • Special Surprise: 1 In Every 10 Has A Free Gift (reading, product, course)
  • Meditation Message
  • Personally hand picked crystal/rock

Only $25 plus shipping/taxes

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